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  • MonicaWorks Web Design and Graphics - My business site.
  • Webbuilding  -  Netscape's helpful how to information.
  • Webmonkey
  • Webmaster Resources -
  • Yahoo's html  resources -
  • Free for Free  -  good  resource/link page for getting tools needed to build a page.
  • InsideTheWeb   - Free message board community
  • HTML goodies - a great site with lots of information and tips
  • Yahoo! GeoCities  - free webpages
  • Webmaster resources and tools Free at Webmasters and web developer resources. The Webmaster Resource Engine
  • Creative Computing's Web Magic. -  Tricks and Tips of Web Design
  • Refdesk - CREATING WEB SITES - long list of webdesign links
  • Virtual Promote - promote your website
  • My Favourite Hosting Company - great hosting at a good price with a Canadian company.
  • - Lynda Weiman's site. Great tutorials and more
  • Women Web Designers - I thank God for these women every day.
  • International Webmasters Association
  • The World Web Consortium
  • The HTML Writers Guild
  • National Web Design Association
  • Domain Name Whois - check to see who owns a domain name
  • Website Tips - a great site with lots of info and help.
  • Viewlet Library - a great library of viewlets explaining everything from webdesign to utilities.
  • Web Resources Galore - Good resources for building websites


  • Brian Hall Colour Server - great tool to check out what colour text looks good on different colour backgrounds
  • Dr. HTML - checks your webpage
  • Dr. Watson - another webpage checker
  • Text Colorizer - makes cut and paste script for the text and colours of your choice
  • The Museum of Counter Art
  • Web Site Garage - Improve Your Web Site
  • Spinwave - Online JPEG and GIF Compression Tool
  • The Free Site - click on webmaster tools for great free tools you can download.
  • BRAVENET WEB SERVICES- Free guestbooks, message forums, form processors, greeting cards, hit counters, search engines and more!
  • AAA Free Clip Art - Find thousands of free clip art images for your website!
  • Cool Archive Free Web Graphics and Fonts   - clipart, fonts, graphics, icons, animations, backgrounds, arrows, sounds
  • Any Browser - check out your website at other screen resolutions.
  • Site Resolution Checker/Viewer - the best one I have found so far.
  • Shoestrings Picture Dicer - I use this all the time to cut up large images to decrease download time.
  • Visibone - Websafe colour posters and some great free stuff.


  •  - Where You Start For Art
  • Crafts Council  -  in the United Kingdom
  • The Outsider Pages: Folk and Outsider Art  -  something a little different
  • Bottle Cap Baroque   -- Sculptural Furniture by Rick Ladd - (Do you remember the Flanders and Swan's song)
  • Hands on Paper  -  Gail Stiffe's great  papermaking site....lots of photos
  • The Paperwright - Hand Papermaking Supplies
  • Crafts and Recipes  -  a good selection of simple craft instructions
  • Eras: Various & Mixed - Clipart Links - Web Clip Art
    Vancouver Art Gallery - Founded in 1931, the Vancouver Art Gallery is the largest Canadian art museum west of Toronto and the fourth largest in Canada.
  • Federation of Canadian Artists - check out their links page.
  • Computer Graphics

    Photos for Web Design

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