My Roots in Pictures

(third generation)


From Left to Right: Grandma, Dad, Aunty Bette, Aunty Chris, Grandpa
(Only Aunty Jean is missing from this photo. She wasn't born yet.)

Isn't this an unusual picture?  So informal for it's time.

Elizabeth Etheridge Knox
My Granny Hogg

Robert Hogg
Grandpa with my Aunt Chris



From Left to Right: Omi, Mum, Opa, Tante Bette

Opa at 57.

Michael Loga
at 34 years old in 1922, the year he married
and the year before my mother was born. 
This picture was on his identification papers.

Michael Loga
at 57,  1944, 
from his Military Exemption papers.
He was teased for being so particular
about his appearance.



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