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I'm a little Teapot


I was born in the borders of Scotland to a Scottish father and a German mother.  We immigrated to Canada when I was four Making our way west, we stopped in Toronto for a few years where my mother gave birth to my beautiful sister, Jane.  I grew up in North Vancouver, British Columbia where my parents opened a bookstore, "Seymour Books" 

I worked at the store for several years before moving over to social services.   Over 15 years in this business has found me working with many different kinds of people with many different kinds of problems.

In december of 1999, I started a new business, MonicaWorks. This has taken over my life and become another obsession.

Now my daughter is in her last semester Studio 58 studying Theatre Production, I live with one dogs and three cats on a small island off the west coast of Canada. 

I am interested in film, writing, reading, computers, art, web design and genealogy. 


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